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Preventive Services

  1. Comfortable Cleaning for Whiter Smiles
  2. Thorough Check Ups
  3. Dental Sealants
  4. Night Guard
  5. Mouth Guard

Comfortable Cleaing for Whiter Smiles

Professional cleaning involves removal of plaque, tartar around the teeth and gums. Deep cleaning may be recommended by your dentist, if there are signs of gum disease or periodontitis. Scaling and root planing includes cleaning of root surfaces to remove plaque and calculus/tartar from deep periodontal pockets. It may be followed by delivery of local and anti-microbials as needed on a case by case basis.

Thorough Check Ups

Regular dental check-ups are needed to monitor your overall oral health. The idea that you should see the dentist only when something is wrong is not only bad but also can cost you a lot of time, comfort and money. Checkup procedures mainly consists of reviewing medical and dental history, examination of mouth, professional cleaning, followed by application of fluoride and a general assessment of hygiene at home. A dentist is trained to detect and treat various dental problems even before you are aware of it.

Dental Sealants

Some back teeth, especially molars have grooves which are deep and narrow in the chewing surface of the tooth, making it difficult to keep clean. By placing dental sealants in the tooth, the surface becomes smoother and flatter. Since plaque can be removed easily and effectively, there is less chance that decay will start.

Children benefit the most from sealants. First molars erupt at the age of 6 and second molars at the age of 12. Sealants can be placed on the molars shortly after eruption. Sealants combined with fluoride can prevent tooth decay in most children.

Night Guard

Night guard is an appliance made by the dentist as a solution for teeth grinding.Most bruxism/teeth grinding occurs when we are asleep, although some people grind their teeth during the day as well. Night guard is designed to custom fit over the upper teeth and can be worn at night. With night guard in place grinding forces are absorbed by soft protective layer, thus protecting your teeth.

Mouth Guards

Dental injuries are most common of orofacial injuries sustained during participation in sports. Mouth guard is a flexible appliance that is made out of plastic and is worn by athletes to protect teeth from trauma. While mouth guards are not mandatory equipment in all sports, their worth is indisputable. Athletes need to protect their smile and preserve their health. Custom made mouth guard is designed by your dentist to fit your teeth.These cause very little interference with speaking or breathing.They provide best protection and fit over braces and fixed bridges.

The ones available at most sport goods stores are least expensive, least comfortable and least effective.