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Cosmetic Services

  1. Brighten Your Teeth and Smile
  2. Invisible/Tooth Colored Fillings
  3. Bonding
  4. Dental Veneers
  5. Porcelain Crowns
  6. Bridges
  7. Implants

If you are not born with beautiful teeth, you have a choice to change your smile.

With miracle of mordern cosmetic dentistry we can create beautiful smiles .A beautiful smile can brighten your life every day professionally and socially. Come in for a consultation. There are many ways we can give you youthful, attractive and natural looking smile. A dazzling smile isn't just for celebrities anymore…

Brighten Your Teeth And Smile

We can treat stained, discolored or aging teeth with whitening procedures that is safe and effective. Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee and tea.

  1. In office procedure
    The in-office procedure is formed entirely in the office using a light source to speed up bleaching process. This may take upto one hour.
  2. Take home whitening systems.
    Take home bleaching kits is the most popluar whitening option. It consists of tray that has been custom fitted for your mouth by the dentist. The bleaching solution may vary in potency and may be worn for an hour or overnight. At home system contains individually fitted trays used under the supervision of the dentist.

Invisible/Tooth Colored Fillings

Using the latest technology we can now provide restoration for your teeth that look very natural. These composite restorative materials come in a variety of colors and can be matched to your tooth. The old unsightly fillings can be replaced with these esthetic composites. They are a good esthetic alternative to the old fashioned silver amalgam fillings.


Bonding is an affordable, quick and painless way to repair many cosmetic flaws or injuries. Bonding process used in restoration provides strength to the tooth, making it more structurally sound.

Dental Veneers

Teeth that are chipped, cracked, worn or discolored can be perfectly restored with Veneers. They provide a very conservative approach to changing a tooth's color, size, and shape. Veneers are ultra thin shells of porcelain that custom fit your teeth. These veneers can close gaps, disguise discolored teeth, change the length, shade and color of the teeth. Veneers even mask undesirable defects such as teeth stained by tetracycline use, by injury or by a root canal procedure. Veneers are even done to close the gaps between the front teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

A crown is a restoration that covers or caps a tooth to restore it to its normal size, shape and strength. Crowns are necessary when a tooth is broken down and the problem cannot be solved with a filling. Other indications of a crown are to attach a bridge, protect weak teeth from fracturing, and cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth. They can be made of gold, porcelain, or porcelain with a metal substructure. Porcelain crowns look very natural and don't have a dark metal line.


A dental bridge is a fixed appliance used to replace a missing tooth. A bridge usually covers two teeth, one tooth in front and one tooth behind the missing tooth. They can be made with gold, porcelain, or porcelain with metal substructure. Crown and Bridge work is best for correcting major structural or functional problems, with individual teeth, missing teeth or general bite dysfunction.


Implants are being used to successfully replace teeth for people in all age groups with esthetic result. It is an option to replace missing tooth/teeth. It involves surgery where a metal or ceramic post equivalent to a root of the tooth is inserted into the jawbone. Bone eventually forms around it and secures the post to the patients jawbone. A crown /cap is made on the implant to replace the missing tooth. An oral surgeon would do the surgical part and the general dentist would make the crown